Steve Balog Is A DOUCHE & A Dead Beat Dad

Steve Balog Is A DOUCHE & A Dead Beat Dad. This guy is a really idiot. You and Dan are seriously trying to get pity and an explanation from our Premier? No double your money hungry rat looking wife Bobby is up to this just like how she made you abandon your son you had with another woman. Your no angle Steve your acting like you and Dan are so traumatized because your mother died in an car accident 23 yrs ago that involved Scott Moe…. an ACCIDENT! What about your action when you lived in P.A? All those families you traumatized by going to people’s houses and kicking guys a$$ collecting drug debts in front of all those kids and women? Or the people you guys randomly terrorized in the stress of P.A just to try prove how tough you are? Or how about you and Bobbi’s actions against your son who you know is your so does Bobbi but yet you guys keep mocking your son “B”‘s mom saying how life is great without him and comparing “B” to your kids with Bobbi. You and Bobbie are discussing humans and you two should be the ones rotting in the dirt. You two are grown adults for all of your sons “B” life you disowned him and mocked his mom. Bobbie everyone knows your trying to milk money out of Scott Moe cuz your useless and have no way of supporting our own just looking for hands outs like you always do. And Dan your no angle and the group home you worked at can say more and it’s a good thing they fired you I’m sure letting underage 14yr old sit on your lap and cuddle u.

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