Ramtin Afsharnejad, Serial Con Artist, Abuser

Serial scammer, con artist and abuser. Fishes for girls via his instagram account (ra69.x) and even through a fake profile on Seeking Arrangement where he calls himself Sebastian and pretends to be this trust fund baby looking for a girl he can spoil. A few dates in he will start magically forgetting his card and having other stupid excuses until he can’t hold up the facade anymore. Once you find out that both his Patek and his stories are fake, and he is actually from a lower middle class family from North London, he will manipulate and threaten you, threaten your friends, follow you and send death threats. Stay away from this dirty scum bag. He is a broke 30 year old loser who still lives with his mom and is obsessed with stalking hot girls on instagram and manipulating his way into their lives. He owes many people a lot of money and will tell you stories about how his ex stole hundreds of thousands from him just so you don’t get suspicious of him. Gas lighting.

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  1. He did this to me, did a fake bank transfer to make me spend ‘time’ with him – made me pay for drinks and dinner and then the fake transfer never showed up. He also abused my friend. Belongs in jail.

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