Vanessa Ranoni — This Homewrecker Is Nothing But Trash…

This old lady is a home wrecking, gold digging, phony. She uses men, lives off them, steals from them, and she has stolen the last 3 men she has been married to from there WIVES, yes she steals married men from their families. She has no girl code whatsoever and is such a bum she lied about having glaucoma so she could collect money from the gov’t but yet she drives a car…interesting, I thought blind people were actually BLIND! She will steal credit card numbers, don’t ever trust her she has been known to steal identities. This woman is no better than a common street hustler. Total trash. Oh and her whack a55 hair is actually a wig because she has a bald head. Vanessa needs to retire her wicked slutty ways and hit the old folks home where she belongs.

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