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  1. Calla Krause is just your run of the mill racist bigot. She’s an avid trump supporter who believes immigrants are below her in standards of living. She has two kids,towards a baby daddy who she claims is insane,but the truth is,she’s the one who’s insane,let alone a sad excuse of a human being. She’s on dating apps. Just to find someone for a casual fuck. Don’t waste your time or a dime on this troll of a sad excuse of a women

  2. Trent Wieties from Collinsville IL is cheating on his wife, Sarah Zanotti Wieties using fake names and lies

    This POS told me his name was Matt Ashcroft, But later after he used me for sex and disappeared I found out his real name is Trent or Trenton Wieties and he lives in Collinsville Illinois. We talked for weeks and met up at my place. We ended up in bed for about 5 minutes and that is all he lasted. Immediately when he finished, he made up an excuse about having to meet his realtor as he was selling his house and saying that there was a major issue that came up. Once he left and I tried to get in touch I found out his number no longer worked. I tried contact on snapchat and had no responses from him. I was played and used. I searched using info we discussed and found some pictures of him. Surprise to me …. he is a married cheater. He lied about everything and is cheating on his wife, which says online her name is Sarah Zanotti Wieties He has done this to many, many others. Trent is a POS and will use anyone who falls for his lies. Once he gets in your pants, you will never hear from him as I assume he runs back to his wife. I hope everyone who knows him finds out what kind of person he is and what he keeps doing to different woman who fall for his BS. He deserves to be caught.

  3. Kaitlyn Brooks the Edmonton white girl who loves to be a train. She loves taking BBC and not just one. She loves to have her pussy pounded by 4 or 5 black dudes or any other race as long as they have big, thick cocks. She can take up to 10 big cocks in a row in her pussy while sucking dick. She loves getting gang banged and usually does it for free but recently started selling it for heroin. She has sm ad on locanto too.

  4. Aka. Ramses X Rosa Mercader, Ramses Rosa Franco, Franco Xavier…
    300 WAI NANI WAY 1618, HONOLULU HI 96815 or with one of his gfs PEI WU @ 1220 MOKUHANO STREET, HAWAII KAI 96825
    Ramses X Rosa is a soon to be 60- year old Puerto Rican who has been fucking around in Wakiki for over 30 years. He is the boggest liar and cheater in Paradise, and pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Ramses says he is a bachelor and a gentleman. He is not. His wife lives in Puerto Rico where he is from, she moved there after he screwed her best friend in Honolulu. Ramses dates several women in Honolulu outside his marriage, he even chases after his wifes gfs and sends them pics of his cock. He chases after women on Tinder, goes by FRANCO XAVIER, will say and do whatever to get into womens panties and get some pussy. He is desperate for the attention of women. Spreads herpes! Ramses says he is an entrepreneur, truth is he works on the beach for Ocean Safety Honolulu. He sits on the beach and texts wmen that he chases after on Tinder all day, the goes home and fucks his Taiwanese immigrant gf PEI WU. When he gets caught in the lie he calls he another casuality and a pandemic thing. Ramses X Rosa has no respect or dignity.

  5. This is a warning about home wrecker and psycho DC and Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Lauren Giunta. She goes by so many identities btw : Mistress Lauren, Lauren Moore, L.G. Moore, Symphony Ravenclaw and various other sex work names ) She’s done so many horrid things. To her own customers and of course to other Mistresses in NYC, NJ and Philly. She caused serious drama  with the Philadelphia Dominatrix scene big time with her lies and spiteful jealousy. She treats her business as a dating scene and gets romantically and sexually involved with her customers which is a big frowned upon No No im told. Even the married ones! I know as I’m an unfortunate victim as she tried to steal my husband who used to session with her.
    So, these guys would  dump her ass and then she’d go on a vindictive psycho b*tch streak and try to ruin their lives.  Brian Nesmith, Darren Ambler, James Stockton,  Tim Lease are just a few examples of men whose lives she’s ruined.  Brian Nesmith and Darren Ambler definitely got it the worst years ago as they lost careers and family. And these guys are only a small example of her huge trail of victims.  Turns out this manipulative, jealous, catty, lying, big nosed, home wrecking fat fukin  slore intentionally wrecked up the businesses and lives of other women only because they were beautiful and successful. Two things her ugly ass could never be.  She defamed and trash talked them online, made up crazy stories and B.S. rumors  to spread about them, and she gossips like crazy and spills details about their personal lives to customers and anyone who will listen. And she would also reach out to their customers to try to steal them. And of course try and date them. Gross. She even “outted” these sex workers to their families and their corporate “day job” employers and blame all of this on innocent people. 
    She also “outted” a trans woman to her super conservative religious family ruining her life. But here comes the worst part. So horrible. There was a really dangerous serial rapist who was terrorizing tons of sex workers a few years ago. 
    Jose Torres. AKA “Joey the Player”  he called himself and you can look him up.  Jose and his crazy friend started screwing with these ladies with making fake bad reviews,  online and phone call harassment and eventually upped it to in real life stalking and sexual assault. Guess “Mistress” Lauren Giunta decided the drama she was causing just wasn’t dangerous enough. She reached out to Torres and gave him the real names and home addresses of her “competition”. Yes, she risked the lives and safety of numerous women who had done nothing to her but simply exist. Several of these women had to change their legal names and even move to dodge this crazy violent man all because of what she had done. I talked to so many of these poor ladies she’s victimized.
    So it looks like her main “cash cow” client finally left her and is  exposing her for all of her lies and all the pain and drama she’s caused and all of the marriages and lives shes ruined.
    GOOD! Go back to driving for Lyft, Uber and InstaCart you bat sh** crazy loser. You best hope my husband and I never return to the USA you home wrecking slore!
    Philadelphia and Washington DC:  BEWARE of the lying psychotic home wrecking deranged “Mistress” Lauren Giunta. She’ll ruin your marriage and your life. 

  6. Aka. Ramses X RosaFranco, Franco Xavier, Ramses Rosa. Goes by Franco Xavier on Tinder and social media.
    DOB 10/17/1962
    Soon to be 60 year old Puerto Rican who lives and fucks around in Waikiki HI for the last 30+ years. Spreads herpes/ STDs. Pretty much everything that comes out of Ramses mouth is a lie, will say and do whatever to get laid. Lives with one of his Tinder dates at 1220 Mokuhano Street, Hawaii Kai, but also rents a studio in Waikiki where he brings his other Tinder dates at 300 WAI NANI WAY 1618. Calls himself an entrepreneur but works on the beach for Ocean Safety Honolulu. Travels back and forth HI – Puerto Rico, says he is going to retire to PR soon but he has been saying that for the last 15 years. Says he owns his condo in HI, he does not. Says he owns property in PR, he does not. Chases after wealthy women on Tinder and screws and scams them. No dignity or respect. Will say and do whatever to get laid. Dates multiple women simultaneously, sends pics of his cock to his ex- wifes girlfriends. Desperate for the attention of women. Lies and says he graduated from college in San Diego, truth is he is uneducated and cannot even spell the most simple English words. When Ramses meets a new woman he says he is a social loner who has never been married or lived with a woman, and that he will probably end up single and alone for the rest of his life. Surprise! Public records show he has been married three times to foreign women who all shared the same address. When he gets caught in the lie he says they only married for Green Cards. Says he is from Spain to sound more exotic, he is Puerto Rican 100%.

  7. ATA ABDULLAH & KAREEM SPENCER , both married, ATA ABDULLAH asked my wife (w****) for SEX.. They had SEXUAL INTERCOURSE and ORAL SEX in 2008 and later met up in SYRACUSE at WILSON DENTAL IN 2014 AND HAD AN AFFAIR THAT LASTED INTO 2015, WHERE THEY HAD SEX.I am a father of 4 kids, 3

  8. Craig day is a a Jr Super for a construction company in Calgary. He is married and has three kids. He is a predator on his job sites, for example he would go to the room where the flooring girl worked and watch her bent over and flirt with her, he would then bring other workers there to stare at her. This scumbag then went out for drinks with her and they went back to her hotel. He goes around the job site bragging about it and smelling his fingers saying he had a momentary lapse of judgement. Not to mention he kept saying he was going to take her up to the attic to have sex. Put this loser on blast, his wife should know how he acts.

  9. Rohit R Gandhe of Palo Alto near San Francisco, California is nothing but a scamming trick who uses naive women on the website seeking arrangements for fraud and scamming.

    Rohit Gandhe cheats on his wife with very young girls, some of them are 18 (or younger) with promises to take care of them financially. Not only does Rohit Gandhe cheat on his wife and young children at home, Rohit Gandhe also tricks the girls into sleeping with them for a financial arrangement. After he gets sex, he then doesn’t take care of them as promised financially (which is a violation of consent or rape basically, under false pretenses). Rohit Gandhe is a disgusting fraud and scam artist not only in his supposed business but also how he tricks girls into sleeping with him.

    Rohit Gandhe claims to run a tech firm and has many ‘investors’ waiting to fund his company but those are also lies. Yeah right! He is a broke con artist. Rohit Gandhe lives in a sad little rental house in Palo Alto, and is NOT the wealthy tech company businessman he claims to be. Rohit Gandhe lives in a tiny little crappy rental with a wife and kids. I feel sorry for Rohit Gande’s wife. Not only because he lies and cheats on her but because he has a micro tiny little pen*s (peen) the size of a pinky finger.

    Some of the Numbers Rohit Gandhe uses are 650-239-3497 and 408-500-8242 but he uses other burner and VoIP numbers too.

    Rohit Gandhe uses the profile names of “The Romancer” and “Quake” on the website seeking arrangements but Rohit Gande changes the name of his profile frequently due to his cruel scams.

    Rohit Gandhe Puts his location in Mountain Biew, California but he is in Palo Alto.

    please be safe girls because there are a few of us that Rohit Gandhe has conned and scammed.

  10. Duane Doherty goes by Double D on Instagram.
    Grew up in Hawthorne, NY, living in Carmel, NY now is a cheater and an abuser. He hurts women and gets off on the pain of women. He insults you over and over over thinking you be so low that you will go back to him. Fool is a user and abuser.

  11. Daniel Cantorna, Collinson Internationally Wanted Child Rapist

    Daniel Cantorna is a highly experienced pedophile and con artist. He poses as characters to lure little kids online. He pretends to be a professional marketer, in reality he uses his fake persona to prey on underage victims. Daniel enjoys drugging unaware teenagers and post their photos on the dark web. He also has S&M ventures that left him with scars on his hairy arse. Beware of this testicles chin loser at Collinson, he is a narcissistic scum bag and an ugly arse face.


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