April Marie — The Lonestar Loner

April Marie — The Lonestar Loner.Back on the blast is April Marie. The lone star that needs to be alone. Posts all her bs about the people she rids out of her life meanwhile they all just keep showing her they dont want her. Sex is boring, no personality. It’s not April choosing to be alone. Nobody wants her. She calls herself a keeper then why does everyone not commit to you or want to be around you. She is so used up by men she should take what she can get. Face it doll people dont want you. It’s not the other way around. That’s why you are always alone in your Manitoba Housing doing nothing with your life. Stop bringing so many new men around your kids. They already dont know who the dad is. Grow up self centered lone star. People will show you what they see in you. That’s why nobody wants you. Post your make yourself feel better memes to prevent accepting reality. Everyone walks away from you. Not the other way around. Stop being a piece of a55 for every man you like. You are not that far off from pure slut

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