James M Carson, aka zandgemporium, POKEMON FRAUD AND SCAMMER!

James Carson from Tempe, Arizona has been defrauding and scamming pokemon enthusiast for several years. He currently goes by the username zandgemporium on multiple social media platforms including youtube and ebay. He scams his victims by weighing booster packs. He keeps the heavy packs, which contain rare holographic cards. He then sells the light packs, which contain worthless cards. The victims are unknowing of the switch and are expecting a random booster pack with equal chances of getting a rare holographic. James Carson alters the odds of receiving a rare card in his favor. He commits the fraud using several addresses:
PO Box 28171
Tempe, AZ
2437 E Alta Vista Rd
Phoenix, AZ
There is a current and active law enforcement investigation involving James Carson and his fraudulent online sales activities. Anyone who has fallen victim should contact the Tempe, AZ police and reference case# 20-56482

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