Anea Phillips — Washed Up Fake H0e

Anea Phillips — Washed Up Fake H0e. This is Anea she is not at all how she acts over social media she acts like the hardest girl ever and also puts on this mask like she’s all about being humble and manifesting good things but in real life she’s nothing but a fake h03 who steals from her friends and sells her pu55y in any city she can get into she talks sh1t about all of her “friends” she’s the type of girl who says she won’t hangout with people she talks sh1t about but anytime she talks smack about someone she’s with them the next week I’ve been told her c00chie smells like a raw wet hotdog she also carries more than one std and she’s crazy addicted to crack when is Kelsey going to realize you are nothing but a toxic wannabe h0e.

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