Velvet-Priel — DISGUSTING DISTURBED METH HEAD BULLY. This crooked, mentally sick day care worker sits on her computer and scams people all day while she has children in her care. She neglects every kid in her home, she has even faught with parents when parents bring up why there is bruises on thier kids. She has scammed innocent people and seniors out of money through fake sales through the internet. She also is the biggest cyber bully. Threatens to hurt people from behind her computer screen. Her husband is always drunk and also hates her so she has no life other then her computer and phone. This girl has hundreds of fake facebook, Instagram and email accounts, just to bully kids and to steal from old people. My grandmother was one of them. Sent her a etransfer for some things off of kijiji and she just never showed up and then blocked her number. Anyone who knows this saskatoon slut and disturbed meth head should watch out and report her. Many families have reported her. She deserves to get What comes to her, leave the vulnerable children and old people alone you bully

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