Hanna Wildey Fake A55 Couple

Instead of judging other people on their addictions n lives maybe you should Check yourself? She likes to post on facebook bout how happy and sober she is but shes the biggest pepsi head I ever met! Her n her man’s, hanna talks so much sh1t about other girls too its disgusting. She likes to lie to people about other girls too, called destiny down for getting knocked up by logan, and dropped her cause he abuses her hanna has talked sh1t bout everyone she knows. She abuses the fuk outa her man too, lays deadly shots on him and he just takes it like a b1tch shes a damn drunk too, and a horrible one if that, vodka for days with this h0e, and she just gets more trashy when she drinks thinks shes some hard sh1t. The apple dont fall to far from the tree with this b1tch. Fakest b1tch on the east end, her drug prices suck and she rips people off too. Watch out too she barks alot when shes drunk n will try fighting anyone, n beef you over her 8 balls of pepsi she sniffs with Joel and I’m talkin’ actual 8 ball, n it’s never just 1, no wonder shes such a cvnt to everyone. You ain’t so innocent hanna, your the typical white trash b1tch tryna act like she something, fronts bout your stacks to, but you live off welfare sell drugs and you fight with your man’s 24/7, she treats him like garbage, her fam n friends too. Worst chick to ever associate with too she goes through friends like she goes through donuts n I see why this dumb b1tch n her man’s are all lies, nothing but two closet drug addicts pretending to be their daddies little Angel’s. Worst people to sip with hands down too, cause all they do is fight and all she does is try n kill herself everytime, they cant drink normally either there goal is always to get as effedup as they can. I’m sick of being this b1tch’s friend two faced mutt is what she is, haha she moved from that pigstye she lives in and thinks shes all that now the b1tch cant even clean or cook for herself it’s always her man all she provides is take out. Exposed bum b1tch!

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