Abusive Psycho Drugee — Louis Locante

He is a heroin crack and pepsi addict. He poses behind his Bethel Park address. Has put over 15 women in jail. Planting paraphernalia on their bags when they leave. He is abusive and psychotic. He has had numerous charges against him. Thanks to my best friend finally the police are aware he’s a drug dealer who deliberately destroys women’s lives by getting them hooked pretending to care and then abusing them. If they try to get help he uses his family connections ie local judge to imprison these women. Now that his uncle died he has less leverage but is still harassing imprisoning and ruining these women’s lives just because he is an addict. He pretends to help these women and is old enough to be their grandfather. When they won’t sleep with him he tries to drug them or force them. This psycho shaved his head because to many women knew what he looked like. His mother is an enabler giving him whatever money he needs. And his family gets him out of trouble with the courts. So over a dozen women have dealt with the abuse and even more will deal with jail time and abuse because money talks and Louis Locante walks

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