Kassandra Daniels Deadbeat Baby Momma

This chic is a floozy. Bails on her child. Pregnant again. Smokes crack. Brestfed while she was doing pepsi. Fetanyl. Speed. Always has five guys on the go. Gave me DRDs. Vag smells. Real piece of work.Pregnant with one of her pepsi dealers. Everton stewart (sent me a screenshot of her telling him she’s not gonna keep it). Hes An old man from ottawa. Been doing this for years. Somebody fb her to tell her she durty. No concious. Hopefully she washes her face before she kisses her kid. Piece of crap. Comment if youve run into her before. She will fuk your boyfreinds . Known her 6 years. I hope it wss worth the lies Kassandra. Prob gave taz drd if sombody can let him know.

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