Surie Elise Caudle Dirty Backstabbing POS Mother

This gem you can find at the base of any of her friends husbands or boyfriends She live like a dirtbag will date anybody that will pay attention to her including dudes from Nigeria online. she makes friends and pretends to be friends with you for years but the whole while trying to move in on your exes or your current significant other show play the fence by pretending to be your friend and pretending to be on your side and hugging you and crying with you saying that that guy is a bad guy but the second that you break up with him she’s in there like the dirty shirt she is. she’ll tell the guy that it was all the girl’s fault that she was friends with and not his fault even if the girl has black eyes and broken bones from him. how disgusting that you would watch somebody get beat up by a dude and beg her to leave him and then she goes in to try and bang them. She’s got the drds 100% fact. I personally have gone with her to get the medication to treat it and the type she has will never go away. So if you’ve banged her I suggest getting yourself checked. She has mountains of garbage in her house and claims to be an amazing mom to two daughters that she screams at all the time and neglects to feed them or clean them properly. I’ve been in her house since seeing a party that has been sitting there for god-knows-how-long with moldy urine and poop in it. She leaves diapers laying all around. Her house smells so bad that your stomach turns the second you walk through the decrepit door and get hit in the face with the stench. I still haven’t figured out if the smell is her vagina or the garbage that’s rotting away piled up against the wall in the kitchen. Kathleen Ave is a perfect fit for her. she goes to school to be a hairdresser but if she doesn’t like you she’ll purposely screw up your hair and claimed to be so apologetic and fix it for free. Meanwhile she’ll tell people that she did it on purpose because she don’t like them. if you see her out and about working in a hair salon I would run for the hills instead of getting your beautiful locks cut by this POS. she’s got three kids with three different dads and she doesn’t even have custody of the boy because she’s too pathetic and too much of a loser to be able to take care of him. Completely ignores the fact that her son sees her raising two girls but gave up on him. If you’re dating her she’ll likely get knocked up by you and have your baby just so that she can collect cash for it. she uses her kids names and IDs to put utilities in their name because she’s f***** her credit up so bad and her kids are going to start life at 18 behind the ball because of her in many ways. Recently I heard she slept with her at one time best friend’s husband that she was a maid of honour for at their wedding which is completely disgusting and backstabbing at its finest. Enjoy

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