Mike Maitland Get Rid Of This Racist Scumbag Union Thug Big Shot

This is Brother Maitland he is the biggest POS on the planet. Threatens and intimidates his way around stealing members money and enjoying it with his family. The whole union knows this guy is the biggest loser and that he needs to go anyone who says other wise is just scared of him because he only takes care of the ones who suck him off and anyone who runs against him he will make sure you don’t work or barley if that. Ppl need to speak up and not be scared of this bully who uses members money at his own disposal and who treats anyone who objects him like shit. If everyone comes forward and told it like it was he would be done. Get this Union thug out of 1089 and bring someone in who will respect each member the same. #dontletthedoorhityou #byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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