Robert Ransom — Rib Ransom Is A Lying Nasty Back Stabbing Theif

He lies about everything and it’s weird and creepy when it comes to girls there is a recording of him being a weirdo to my friend being all creepy and sexual and talking about everyone he hangs out with who are suppose to be his friends it’s all he does he talk sh1t and lie he will be so nice at first and kind you will think you made a good friend don’t ever let him stay with you or lend him money or front to him cause you will never see that money he will give you a day and then when it comes he will make an excuse needless to say he’s a scheming steaming load of dog turd. He will try to get in your girlfriend’s pants even if he claims you are his best friend just stay away people this guy is an absolute waste of space and you will thank me for warning you.

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