Candace Morgan Lydia Faith Haines — B1tches Get The Information Correct

1) I do not live with my parents in Halifax. 2) I am living in Quebec with my husband and two children. 3) my family owns horses 4) I have a truck and a four wheeler in my name. 5) we have a house 6) I own two puppies we bought a husky puppy and a chow chow. 7) my name has legally been changed 8) I am a surrogate mother You guys can say whatever you want but I proof to back up everything. I have proof I have animals and children in my care. I have proof I don’t live in Nova Scotia. I got proof I am married. I got proof I have a driver’s license. I have proof I am a surrogate mother I also have proof that I have legally changed my first and last name. You guys can say whatever the fuck you want to say. I have been to the doctor’s also and my blood work and everything has come back I have no DRDs I am drd and drug free. You can say whatever the fuk you want to say but I am getting the help I need. I also only have 1 Facebook account. Anyways keep making up lies but I have proof to back all of this up. Everything you posted is lies and I can prove it is lies.

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