Kallie Mote — Pimped By Her Babydaddy

Kallie ain’t as innocent as she seems, shes proudly being pimped out by Preston, on back pages whisper and snap chat, this is why your kid got taken from you two. Not to mention her low key meth addiction, she may not be anorexic anymore but she found another way to keep her weight down. She proudly walks around saying Preston supports her. You two are trash, your man’s a b1tch made goof in jail and a terrorist squad b1tch, all the higher ups joke about Preston all the damn time. Kallie is so used up and abused it’s disgusting, she left her mommy for the hood life its obviously wrecked her no one respects a woman who exposes her pussy to the world girl , no wonder you beef everyone its cause you hate yourself and your life. I knew your dad and I know your mom hoe and I know their absolutely disgusted with how you turned out. She’ll post her addy all over fb too and try and meet up. Lmao driving her Ford, didnt you live in a mansion basically and own an Acura? Now your just downgrading everything around you. Your a skank kallie you and everyone else knows it boasting about her subs, lmao your flashing your tw@t to strangers and you want respect? Your just a drugged out floozy and a hoodrat now b.

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