Kim Cloud- Flower Mound Cloud 9 Salon

Kimmy Cloud goes by Kim Brooks, Kim Dean, Kim Skidmore & Kim Cloud. Kim plays the role of a Christian biz owner but she needs to get a new plastic surgeon or a face lift b/c the cracks in her act seep through that tanned, scorched sagging skin of hers. Kim is a ho, carries numerous Std’s, & tries to steal husbands of her employees, but now has to stoop to try for their sons. Cougar Kim likes ’em young and non circumcised. Kim is a serial tax Evader, forged documents from her shriveled up dead mom, and it’s a given that cloud 9 charity benefits her by paying for hotel rooms for all the boys that refuse the used up wore down skank. At nearly 60 Kim enjoys meth, bars, drinking. Kim is drunk 24/7 and fat as hell.

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