Michelle Maria Landry

Meet Michelle Maria Landry. She’s a real piece of work. Check out her game. She’s a gold digger, liar, cheater, master manipulator and the most narcissistic person you will ever meet. Oh it’s all fun and games until someome gets their heart broke and that’s what happens every time. Turns out I’m not the first notch on this witch’s broom and definitely not the last she’s working on another victim as we speak. She suckers them in and convinces them she is in love with them and only them and then when she has bled them dry she moves on to the next. She’ll already have one lined up when you learn she’s been cheating on you the whole time and probably with more than one. She’s not particular either. She’ll sleep with any man who she can get something from. you’ll want to get a blood test after you come out from under her spell and learn about the long list of men she has had unprotected sex with. And lets not forget about the risky drug use. Oh yeah, shes an addict too. And she needs money to support that habit and you have some, but not for long. Her Facebook page is covered with christian material and prayers and she claims to be a christian but you’ll find out she lives a double life, and nobody is allowed to know what she really is. You might think it’s a split personality disorder but it’s more likely narcissism. She is only capable of loving one supreme being, and that is herself. She’s out there right now so be careful you don’t fall into this pit. You’ll never be the same again if your even able to crawl out.

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