Rick Doyle Fisher Drug Addict , Home Wrecker, Kidnapper, Deadbeat Dad,Con Artist

Rick Doyle Fisher Drug Addict Home Wrecker Kidnapper Deadbeat Dad Con Artist. Rick Doyle Fisher.lives in Encinitas is a union glazer here in sandiego from pasasena maryland.where to start.this abusive drug adict con artist prays on young women that are vulnerable and looking for love.i have a 18 month year old son with my now x of 7 years .tjis man came into are life .convinced my fiance to leave and cheat on me.i fear for the worst cuz i know she is not thinking right.he has tryed to take my x and my son to maryland. I have been told by his x that he broke up with 2 weeks ago for him seeing 5 differnt women .that he is a abusive man with lots of explosive behavior and issues.has 5 kids he does not see or take care of back home.and a series of fraudulent non profit gigs going .this man is a liability to u or your company he comes off as contractor and veteran construction kind.but is a slipery snake.anyone who has anything to do with rick i suggest u spend 5 bucks and get abackround check and see that im not just sore about him breaking up a perfectly happy family when he has one of his own to tend to but what a cold peice of work this guy is

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