Clayton Chambers Puźsy Boii

Clayton Chambers Puźsy Boii. sooooo this nibba was once married to a wonderful girl had kids the works! butt soon enough she found out he was sleeping around etc etc… calling her every name in the book!! well she left his nasty a55!. sooo he starts dating this single mother with kids he acts all sweet and nice and the works right! he starts calling get a C*nt being Abusive in front of his kids he never lets her be around her kids he was making her ditch everyone not letting her out no where not even family events. this guy has the lowest self esteem he doesnt deserves kids he deserves to be alone and have a no one. he cheats lies and so much more so ladies ladies!!!!!! i repeat THIS MAN IS CRAP DO NOT I REPEAR AGAIN DO NOT DATE HIM.

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