Ariel Shingoose — She Likes A Lil Taste Of Everything

Ariel Shingoose — She Likes A Lil Taste Of Everything. Watch this stink whore around your men her gross a55 child is from her best friends man. Her best friend named her kid after her and she goes and has a kid from her man wtf yo her recent ex was her friends man she used to babysit for them and then she picked up scraps. I found her in my husbands inbox she is one on the most easiest and dirtiest women from yorkton she tries to act like a traditional person yet she is hooked on hard drugs she ditches her lil affair offspring anywhere she can so she can go be a crusty whore i hate this whores guts she fuks all her friends men ask her friends they will tell you about how Ariel spreads for their men one day she is going to let the wrong womans husband stick it in her we all hope she get drd and dies.

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