Abhi Gogoi — Predator Alert

Abhi Gogoi — Predator Alert. This sad excuse of a man goes by the name Abhi or sam. He like to go after girls 17 and under. He befriends them and waits until they turn 18 to have sex with them. He works at [REDACTED}. Which is where he picks up lost of the girls. He came to Canada to pray on young girls. He’s setting a bad example for his poor daughter. Let’s hope she turns out better than he does. All he does is lie and manipulate his way through life. He doesn’t give a sh1t about anyone but himself. All he does is use girls and chuck them to the side when he’s done. Don’t trust a thing this ugly fuker says. Girls beware of him. He sure looks like a gentleman on paper. Until he shows his true colours…

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