Amber Sparks — Spark A H0e

Everyone meet Amber Sparks This little dirty hoe was busted sleeping with multiple women’s men. Starting with my man when I was nursing my 3 week old baby (my child is now 16) and when I told my current boyfriend about this we found out it was the same hoe that he has relations with him 18 years ago as a teenager. She is now making Facebook public posts through her friends and her account making comments about our relationship yet she hasn’t seen or spoken to either of us in over 15 years She is also married to an oblivious man who she was dating back in the day when she was suking other men’s d1ck. She has also done the same thing to her own family members I guess the trash just get dirtier as she gets older Retire your greasy vagina you dirty slut! Your now the talk of the town your slimy cvnt!

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