Isrena Kyle — Eastside Pass Around Anal Queen

Isrena Kyle — Eastside Pass Around Anal Queen. K so this h0e gave me the clap which is fuked because she claimed that she was clean. Then I go talk to buddy turns out he and like 4 other homies fuked this broad with in the whole summer, and that shes right fuked up always in the hospital because she has like Munchausen syndrome. We swear shes schizto she tries to say its bpd but when you fuk with her you’ll soon find out. Oh fuk she also has a UTI like every month which I’m not to familiar with but I’m pretty sure it takes alot of unprotected sex to get one of dems. Shed call me to come save her or rescue her and if you couldn’t then she posts sad a55 sh1t. she fell for my homie and she fell for me, she loves anal too lmao she sh1t on buddies d1ck but yeah isrena is a h0e a55 always crying around about something, and she posted anea and kelsey on here just an fyi. Keep your stank clam closed isrena you can smell the drd from here.

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