Tiana Star Cox Succubus, Cheater, Lazy, Disrespectful, Ex Floozy

Tiana Star Cox Succubus Cheater Lazy Disrespectful Ex Floozy. This girl will promise you the world and then cheat on you on your granny’s birthday that she was supposed to attend. Get “DRDs” and lye about how she got it. She pretends that she is not about that life but was once a former floozy and Stripper and You cannot turn a h0e into a housewife. She’s all over social media sending all of her guy friends nude pictures and videos. Her snap is youngflychai206 so get at her. She Will suck you dry financially if you give her the opportunity. So fuk your cousin after you break up with her. She’ll get you Rob after you break up with her. She’ll try to put sugar in your gas tank if you break up with her. She is a felon with a violent record. She stabbed her ex-boyfriend in the throat. She also has floozy related sex crimes. She’s currently on probation for a DUI but has no problem driving your car. You can give this girl the whole world and she won’t shed a shard of gratitude. Just know if you’re talking to her it’s most likely she’s talking to a sugar daddy. She has literally every social media platform looking for validation because her thirst is so high. He has no problem giving away things that aren’t hers. This girl will make you feel like $1 million just to turn around and do some scandalous shit to you a couple months later or maybe even sooner who knows. Don’t fall victim to the succubus. If you’re currently dating her good luck.

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