Chrissy Cossentine — Here Piggy, Piggy

This pig aka Christine AKA Chrissy Cossentine second to the right with her piggy friends thinks she can act like a fake a55 bitch and not get thrown on the web for the world to see who she really is. She can be found sending nasty pictures of her gross self to other people’s boyfriends, keep your dirty cnt to yourself. I told you btch I would slam you if you didn’t leave my man alone. Chrissy aka miss piggy can be found with her crack head, drunk “mother” trying to fck men for money & drugs at the local strip club, fcking nasty. Hard to believe this nasty bich hasn’t been blasted yet. She’s giving DRD’S to those who fuk her, buyer beware you will never be rid of her nastiness.

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