Freddy Jay Jr — The Person Who Makes Up Lies And Says Things That Aren’t True.

Freddy Jay Jr The Person Who Makes Up Lies And Says Things That Aren’t True..This guy Freddy Jay Jr, is the guy that blames 3 of his friends because he is bisexual, and the truth is when he use to hang out with his 3 friends he was already bisexual. This whole entire time he was dating a transgender, his friends told him if you’re happy that’s all that matters. He stalks females and calls them names if they don’t want to talk to him, this guy wants every he see walks by his way, he says he horny for the girl and wants to have phone sex. He lies and says he knows every girl and has sex with them. He’s ruined my best friends relationship with his girlfriend. This whole time my friends use to hang out with him he was already bisexual, he’s says his friends are bisexual because he’s bisexual, and tells everyone that they date transgenders when they never dated a transgender. The reason why posts false statements about people because he doesn’t have friends anymore, the friends that he use to have don’t talk to him anymore because he screwed them over, ruined relationships, chances with a female they like, and etc. Don’t believe anything this scvm bag says, he wants to spread rumors about you so that people can believe him. This guy can never be trusted, he tells everyone that he has a son and a daughter. What do you guys think? I believe this scvm bag deserves to be on this website.

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