Lalo Elizondo — Dirty A55 DRD Infected D1ck

This disgusting dirty dude will fuk anything that has a hole. But stay far away from it because all he does is spread DRD to everyone he fuks. He knows he has it but refuses to tell anyone just so he can fuk raw. He spits his game well to get women to fuk him. He lies and tells sob stories just to make girls feel bad for him so at the end of the night when their drunk he can get in their panties. He will have his homeboy with him to back his little sad a55 stories up then they will both try to fuk. Then you’ll wake up in the morning regretting the night before with him. D1ck game ain’t sh1t especially with the fact he’s spreading DRD to whoever he is fuken. So ladies.. if you run into this dude.. STAY FAR AWAY BECAUSE HE WILL GIVE YOU DRD KNOWINGLY AND MAKE YOU REGRET EVER KNOWING HIM.

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