Jimmy Wyrick Womanizer On The Loose!

This piece of work not only drained his sons mothers bank account, stole all her cash and car, and sabotaged the car but he also broke into her house, assaulted her, destroyed her belongings, and kidnapped her. He drove her out to the desert and wouldn’t let her go for hours. He is a coke head, he sells laced product. He is extremely violent towards woman. And a narcissist at its finest. He thinks he is untouchable. His long past will tell you he has no regard for anyone but himself. He even went to prison for child abuse! Yet he still is out and roams free. Currently, he is out on bail, he has a TPO against him and continues to break it, then taunts police by agreeing to turn himself in but stays hidden. He is a coward. A poor excuse for a human. He is wanted by police. Tread carefully!

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