Kaloni Lechner — Pretend “Hospital Mom”, Actual Trash

Kaloni Lechner — Pretend “Hospital Mom” Actual Trash. Time for an update on Nasty Nonie! It’s been almost a year since the last update, but as sways Nonie is still on her BS. Where do we begin? First of all, while her son was in the hospital for open heart surgery she was too busy taking videos and photos of herself to send to a couple of dudes. She makes it seem like the children’s hospital is their “home away from home” when her son only has surgeries every couple of years. She of course, shoved the camera in his face, moved his gown to show off his incisions and “tubes” Nonie made it seem like she couldn’t be away from him when he was in the hospital but could sneak away to take videos and pictures? How could you even be in the mood for that? She’s VILE. She looooooves the attention that she gets from her “special needs” kids and even showing off her own incisions. She worked at a liquor store where she was fired for her behavior, being late all the time and exchanging pills in the bathroom with another coworker. She’s not sober and still abuses pills. Nonie lost her SSI benefits for son after they realized she wasn’t using the money on her child’s needs but on herself. On 2/25/20 she was caught shoplifting at Walmart, which isn’t a surprise cause she steals all the time. It was just a matter of time before she was caught. I guess she was trying to get a job at a hospital but I’m guessing that fell through, at least we can only hope because she would probably steal from those poor people and is way too selfish to care for patients, she can’t even care for her kids! There’s a video of her forcing her kids loose tooth out while he’s crying, let that sh1t fall out naturally you crackhead! Recently she apparently was passed out and the school bus had to take her kid back to school. She still disappears for awhile, lying to her mom cause she just can’t handle being a mother. It’s honestly shocking this poor excuse for a human being doesn’t have any desire to change, she’s just content being a shitty drugged out “mom” if you could hardly call her a mom!

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