David Rowe Aka Reno’s Biggest Bag Hoe

This 46 year old man child is a manipulative, lying cheater. He is so insecure and has a Napoleon complex and only cares about 3 things……his car, a white mustang, getting dope and getting his micro penis off that doesn’t even get hard. He thinks he’s better than everyone and a God in bed lmao. If You don’t want to have to take care of yourself AFTER the most unsatisfying “sexual encounter” of your life you would be better just doing it yourself. He also has no job hasn’t in almost 5 years and lives in a couples basement while screwing around with the bitch upstairs. This dude has NO morals or respect for himself or others. I know cause he made me believe all his lies and I f*@king fell in love with him and knocked me up then acted like I never existed. His bread n butter is mooching off females n friends. He also tells everyone that every ex of his was the bad one aka wrongdoer in said relationship. He’s a fraud and is good at it. His own friends warned me what a p.o.s. he was. Wish I had listened!

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