Laila Lawrence Massoudi — Penticton Psychopath

I made the mistake of letting this psychopath into my life and home. After multiple attempts to break up with her she called the police on me claiming I assaulted and threatened her. Both charges we’re dropped by RCMP in February 2020 because they knew she was lying. Now she’s out there spreading these false statements all over town and online. This girl needs serious psychological help. She pretends like she’s all chill and enlightened but don’t be fooled. She has a history of self harm (cutting her wrists) as well as punching herself in the face to claim assault with a previous victim. She is trying to get pregnant so she Doesn’t have to work. The night she had me arrested she dropped off my truck (I lent her to leave my place) at the cop shop and left this love letter on my dashboard (image 2) This girl has literally flipped everything that has happened almost word for word about the reality of our history together. I literally broke up with her 4 times prior to the event but she cried begging me to give her a chance and that she would change and she knows she’s wrong. This love letter pretty much sums it up. All statements about myself on this website are completely fabricated lies. She was hurt and upset I didn’t want a peice of shit like her in my life and called the cops to get back at me and continues to spread this victim story everywhere she can. Don’t be fooled. This one belongs in a psych ward. I guess she’s embarrassed she got dumped and went on a rampage telling everyone she could all these lies about me in a attempt to convince herself that she wasn’t at fault. All just lies upon lies in an effort to hurt me (which hasn’t worked)

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