Jewel Mccullough — Cvm Dumpster

Ok, lets not get started about this sorry excuse of a person. I’ve heard so much sh1t about this Heroine junky b1tch, its quite nauseating. . Not only did she move to penticton after being chased out of kelowna but she’s been making her rounds to penticton to get fuked by different guys every night for years. The worst part is that she had a boyfriend the whole time giving him DRD’s left right and centre. Now she’s got a new boyfriend and i’ve heard she’s been sleeping around on him. YIKES, someone kick this sorry crusty bitch to the curb already. she need’s to get sterilized and thrown into a swamp where she looks like she belongs.

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Ernie Perez

Ambra B Guitierrez is an extortionist