Ernie Perez

Ernie Perez. I heard Ernie Perez moved to Boston and working at [REDACTED]. Wow. This is the same Ernie Perez that was in West Hollywood California. I know him from the Bars. Trunks. Gym SportsBar. And a few others. He’s friends with the owners of the Barseen App. Used to be called the Vesigate Apo. He knows the owners. Krissy Schuh. Sally Kushner and Michael J Gulden. They been sued for Investment Fraud. Ernie is good friends with them. I wonder if Boston University knows his conbection with the owners of Barseen App and Fraud. He didn’t just leave LA for no reason. I bet he left in fear of being. Connected to them and prosecuted like they are. The owners of Baeseen just like when it was Vestigate we sued by their Investors for Fraud. They srole the money from their Investors. Mark Miller sued and won. Barseen App has to pay him back over 150k. Richard Pierce too sued them and won. And 5 others which I don’t remember. Krissy Schuh. Michael J Gulden used to be Lawyers in LA. They bother were Disbarred. They stole money from a Client. Hid money and forged paperwork with Signatures not of their own. And Sally Kushner toi is heading that way. She’s aiming to be Disbarred as we speak. Ernie Perez knows these people. And he helped them find potential Investors and he recieved compensation. I’m Ngoli Nyirenda. If you Google Barseen App.. Veztigate App.. Krissy Schuh.. Michael Gulden and Sally Kushner you will find many blogs and News Postings about them. As well as Ernie Perez. Good luck Ernie….. And hopefully you vut back your drinking. And not foolish enough to drink at work. Cheers

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