Jennifer Nichol — Northeastern University’s Skankiest Prof

Jennifer Nichol aka Lexie Talonis on Facebook is a professor of accounting at Northeastern University in Boston. She also is the moderator of the facebook group INTP Official. Come on down and see her post live nude videos from her bathtub and her stripper pole. She also loves to prop up her flagging ego with posting pics of her degree and paychecks because that’s what you do when you have the personality of a hemorrhoid. Members of the group were treated to having a front row seat to watch her one month long marriage to some poor schlup implode. Don’t you feel great about spending thousands of dollars to be edumacated by this twit? She also likes to use the word retard as a pejorative. Well if she ever loses her job over her antics, at least she has a back up plan. Work that pole, b1tch

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