HIREN RAMANI is a scam artist out of NEW JERSEY. He is a real estate developer that has scammed many people for their hard earned money by asking them to invest money in his new project and construction development , he shows you architect blue prints , contracts and pictures and its all lies , he takes your money and than come up with stories that he had some losses and a lot of expenses and he cant continue with the project unless you send him more money you and than he stop responding to emails and ignore all your phone calls.
His company RAMANI GROUP has many ongoing lawsuits for breach of contract and fraud . Also Mr Hiren Ramani is being investigated for tax fraud and mortgage fraud as well .
On top of that Hiren is known for not paying his workers and companies that he hires to do landscaping , electrical and plumbing work,
Please beware this man is a crook and will scam you for your hard earned money. Be careful !

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