Heather Iarson — Sleezy Heather Yvonne

Where to start with this one.. nasty. Heather goes around giving people drds not bothering to get checked herself in between sex partners. She went 4 months without a check up giving multiple men the drd! Finally someone confronted her so she went and got tested, this girl is so slimy she will go on dates and try and fuk your boyfriend behind your back, if she’s on his friends list better watch out ladies, this girl will try and snatch your man then leave him with multiple drds. She’s very manipulative and will lie through her teeth till she believes her own bullshit, her pu55y is loose as fuk and sh1t gotta be starting to stink by now! She’s also has a pepsi problem and she just can’t help herself but be a whore for whoever has it, Watch out for this one penticton!

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