Kalie Blyan – The Floozy W*Ore

Kalie Blyan – The Floozy W*Ore.this nasty w*ore goes around and f*cks anyone who will let her. she cheats on every guy she’s with and then lies about them when they break up. this nasty b!tch is dating a meth head who’s locked up every other week. kalie is trying to get pregnant with his kid, have fun having a baby daddy who likes sitting in a jail cell more then being with you. they smoke meth together and go around saying they’ll “ kick you’re a*s yet they can never 1 v 1 they always gotta have people and guns. they “represent” gangs when they are goofy kids who just get caught and then get locked up. she’s 19 and acts like a 12 year old. he boyfriend was going around giving everyone drds do you know she got it too. stay away from her

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