Miranda Kesstler — MirmanKesstler

Well this b1tch right here is a real piece of work. Likes to steal, sleep with her friends ex’s when she’s mad at them, try’s to act all tough saying she wants to fight when it comes to it she’s a pu55y little b1txh who’s scared to go anywhere alone, she’s always got her boy back up Matt hoskyn who likes to pull knives on girls and punch girls out, anyone that comes across this girl be aware she will talk behind your back steal your sh1t, fuk your man (if he’s blind enough to see past her manliness) she gets dudes blacked out drunk so she can take advantage of them otherwise they would never sleep with such an atrocious looking woman. She turned her last boyfriend gay! I mean I could see why he was with her in the first place.. looks like a man, parts of a woman. Best of both worlds!

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