Ambra B Guitierrez is an extortionist

Ambra B Guitierrez is an extortionist. Be very careful if you come in contact with her. She is an escort and prostitute from the age of at least 17. She has done gang bangs in Italy and was banging a man for 5000 euro a month plus an extra 1000 euro each visit… She has used to tactic to wire tap herself to bait, trap, and extort many powerful men. She later edits the tapes and shares them with press. She’s made over a million dollars in extortion and floozy. She is very damaged mentally and has no remorse for her victims. Her posts almost nude porn photos on her instagram for free, because she cares about nothing more than being famous and has no real talents to develop any real career for herself. She’s naked online and only recently has been going out in a turtle neck and dress down to her ankles at play like she’s a nun. She’s been with more men and women than most people meet in a lifetime. I would feel bad putting this out if she hadn’t attempted to ruin dozens of people’s lives while masquerading as some victim female empowerment adversary. Beware of this woman who changed her name also after being caught in trouble in Italy from Battilana to Gutierrez. Any agent that reps her is also being completely blindsided and should drop her immediately as you look like your agency is also an escort service.

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