Lamont W Garnes Jr— Exposing A Cyber-Bully, Lamont Garnes, Jr

It’s really sad when someone works so hard to get into a position in life that they generate a lot of respect and are seen as a role model for children. We tend to forget that people in these positions can be sociopaths or even psychopaths, read Psychology Today. It’s horrible that people in these positions can be a bad person underneath. In recent news, the Chief of Police in Beverly Hills is retiring because her department has been flooded with lawsuits alleging that she’s a bully, a homophobe, and a racist. We also have Lamont W Garnes Jr. A USMC Veteran, firefigher/EMT, and a father. You would think that he would be an all-American hero, yet he shows his true self on social media. Lamont, resorting to his childish behavior, thinks that it’s funny to make fun of people on social media. He thinks that it’s funny to steal peoples pictures and repost them and making fun of them. This, according the New Jersey law, classifies him as a cyber-bully. Someone in his position could really lose a lot if he got caught bullying people online. Lamont’s true character is that he isn’t brave enough to get in someone’s face and mouth off to them. Does the Marine Corps now train people to become Keyboard Warriors? Lamont should know that him being a cyber-bully and making fun of people could cost him to lose his career. There isn’t any reason for anyone to be a bully. Even if Lamont was making fun of people in a defensive way, it could actually backfire on him and the best thing for him or anyone else is just hit the block button and ignore it. Hopefully Lamont will learn a valuable lesson about making fun of people, especially those who he tries to make them feel like they’re a loser or like they’re less than him. Someone in his position needs to be a role model, not a bully. If you’re not man enough to talk trash to another man’s face, Lamont, then don’t do it all! There’s no honor being a keyboard warrior!

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