Jolanta Baran Homewrecker, Cheater, Liar, A Monster.

Jolanta Baran Homewrecker Cheater Liar A Monster. my step brother dated this monster, and finally he dumped her. She destroyed her marriage , she cheated on her husband, my step brother found her cheating with a guy, and he told me about her I was not surprise, because a friend of mine was having sex with her, I told my brother she have been running into a lot of men just to get drunk, have fun and sex, because that`s what she is, a slot, a sex toy for men, a unhappy, miserable, empty, wanna be, person, she likes to pretend, a liar, cheater, liker her friend too, cheating on her husband. a friend of mine texted her, in few minutes they were sexting, she has no values, no respect, I told everything to my brother, and my brother finally dumped her because she went to a bar to meet another man and that night the guy fucked her, she is a just a disaster! be careful with this monster she is not human.

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