Ryan Spadaford — Con Man, Poster Child Of What Is Wrong With Wall Street

Ryan Spadaford Con Man Poster Child Of What Is Wrong With Wall Street.This guy advertises on stock market sites as a guru. Promises big profits and how he only does this to help people. Gave me a big speel about how he is changing lives. He wasn’t lying about that. I made the mistake of trusting him and was used as a pawn in one of his pump and dump schemes. Lost a lot of money before I realized what he was doing I am getting close to retirement age and was hoping to boost my portfolio value to maybe retire early, but now I may need to work longer than before to get back to where I was before I met him. I know I will not get my money back and its really my fault for trusting a kid for investment advice. I am writing this because he is still doing this too people. Sad part is he lies all the time, I did some digging and he is not an accountant or an experienced broker. He is 26 years old and unlicensed. I fell for it, because he is very charming and a expert at saying exactly what you want to hear. If you want to lose your money, just work with this POS. Save your hard earned money and stay away from this creep!

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