Franquee Flores — Albuquerque Trash

Franquee Flores — Albuquerque Trash, as if Albuquerque needed more trash!!! But let me introduce you to Franquee Flores. I found this rat sliding into my boyfriends DMS. As everyone knows, Albuquerque is full of trashy gay men and here just happens to be another prime example. He’s a cheating, lying, low life that’s needs to be exposed and hopefully it helps other good guys avoid trash like him. It’s sad to see him having to go after guys that are taken because no one wants him and clearly is desperate for attention. Maybe if you didn’t look like a wannabe chola Voldemort then guys might actually want to talk to you. He works as another “hairstylist” with no future going for him. Maybe this could finally help this insecure soul find some much needed self respect.

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