Duane Doherty, Hawthorne, NY cheater, liar, abuser

Duane Doherty cheated on his girlfriend, gave her stds, physically abused her. Don’t believe his lies. He is a cheater who admitted to it in writing. He cheats, doesn’t use condoms so beware of STDs. There are dated pictures of the abuse and lots of people saw the bruises. This is meant to help other women. Don’t let him hurt you and give u stds.

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  1. I dated this asshole. He cheats, ditches you whenever he’s working on some other woman. Makes excuses that his phone’s not working when he doesn’t pick up your calls cuz he’s with another woman. He fucks around so much he gave me STDs.

  2. I dated this fool. He will see you for months during the week and every Friday and Saturday. He will have sex w u, expect u to blow him every time and the next day like some rando won’t take your calls whenever he’s fucking someone else. He hits you hard to leave bruises and marks like you’re his property. He’ll call u when he wants u to blow him again. Don’t expect him to go down on you. Fool fucks around, cheats. I experienced a lot of emotional abuse. Dude plays games.

  3. Duane Doherty has no respect for women. He uses them and abuses them. He treats you like you should be grateful he wants you to blow him and do nice things for him. Dude will assault you, keep having sex with you while you’re crying, and emotionally abuse you until you cut ties w him.

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