Vanessa Delorey — Master Of Lies And Manipulation!

Well I can definitely say that Vanessa is the best at hiding her true self! She may have stopped sticking dirty needles in herself and she might have put the Crack pipe down (if she really did stop any of that it won’t last long… it NEVER does!) But that doesn’t stop her from getting high off methadome and popping benszos everyday! Just because something is prescribed to you doesn’t mean you can aduse it! She will tell everyone that she clean and doing great but she’s not she still pops so meny clasapams that she’s like a zombie most of the time! Only thing that has really changed is your once were a skinny junkie now your a fat one…. the things she’s done to others just so she could get high is disgusting.. I watched her completely distroy her poor parents and she didn’t give a shit about it! She broke her mother inside I feel so bad for her parents always pulling her out of messes she makes just to do it all over agian. Her mom once told me that she wishes she had the strength to just let Vanessa go it’s heart braking! Be careful around this girl because she’s known around town for ripping everyone off. She also would sell herself to old nasty men for money just so she could buy drugs she’s just nasty and I’m so tired of her acting like she’s sober and has turned her whole life around and I’m tired of her manipulating everyone around her! Don’t forget Vanessa many people saw you strung the fuk out bagging and fuking people so they would throw you a piece of Crack! Your what 38 39 grow the fuk up and stop making your poor parents support your life! Let them finally enjoy there life instead of always makeing them pick up all your mess! It’s fuking pathetic!

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