Katarzyna Targonski — Washed Up Loose Ex Stripper

Katarzyna Targonski AKA Kasia Targonski AKA Adriana Meehan is a stripper from Vancouver who recently had her vag stretched into a longer lasagna sheet than it was before her first kid. She currently lives in hotels because she is broke and alone with her 3 kids if she’s even allowed to see them that is… Shes mooched off of her ex for 9 years and is too old and loose to strip now. She lost her ugly fat kid to her loser ex like a whore stripper would. Kasia sells her old a55 cvnt to even older men for diaper money because she’s too classy to strip now. She has admitted to being a sugar baby to an old ballsack of a man for 50k. This rabbit looking bitch needs a Botox needle stat!!! Vaginal rejuvenation is out of her price range so if you’re looking for a loose hole to store nuts for the winter find her walking the streets of Yorkville waiting for someone to notice her a55-less hip-less childs body. Please ask her how high her fake online IQ test score was so she can feel good about herself since she’s an old, washed up, onion smelling, divorced buck toothed squirrel. This sad b1tch even abuses her kids and beats them. She cut their hair off with her thick man hands because she’s a lunatic psycho who tried to kill her ex by stabbing him with a broken shard of glass. A nose job and implants couldn’t cover up her psycho insides. She is known to go crazy in public and attack people. Watch out gents… she’s hungry for your money and she needs diapers bad!!!

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