Jason Yerlitz Hidden Cameras And Roofies

This psycho sex-crazed loonie goes after any women that can support his drinking, drug and sex addiction habits. He likes to install cameras without consent or knowledge and administer GHB (ROOFIES) to his victims. He hides cameras, takes videos and pictures without his victims consent. He will set his victims up by luring them in when their coming out of abusive relationships and steal their phones while their sleeping and writes messages that weren’t ever sent between the parties. He tries to use this as leverage and blackmails his victims when they realize how crazy he is. He pulls temper tamtrums when he doesn’t get money for his addictions, doesn’t get his own way, or doesn’t get what he wants in bed. He has severely beaten his dog and uses him (SHELDON) to protect him so he doesn’t get beaten from other people when they find out what kind of monster he is! He is a compulsive lier from working for the moffia, to being a collector for the Hells Angels, to being a professional ball, football, arm wreastler, etc. He has no friends and doesn’t even get along well with his family either. He can’t hold a job long because of his addictions. This is why he tries to find women with money and live off of him. He is on every dating site and lies about his assets, his job and even having 3 children whom want nothing to do with him and is behind thousands of dollars in child support. He acts like he loves children but when being left with them, he ignores, degrades and mentally abuses them. If you see this man who has serious mental health problems, run the other way as fast as you can and if you have been with him, be sure to get tested for DRDS. He’s a loose cannon with a temper and will stop at nothing (homewreaker) to get what he wants. He thinks he’s the best thing since a slice of bread but have him sweat or take off his clothes, you would want to vomit. He smokes so much meth that he has big sores ( like pimples) all over his body. He has the grossest smell that I’ve ever smelt in my life. He is a predator in the hunt for any woman to support him.

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