Jon Stancer is a Pedophile and self funded musician who treats people of colour with disdain

Jon Stancer is a Pedophile and self funded musician who treats people of colour with disdain. Lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jon Stancer has been exposed on the internet as a Pedophilia . Jon Stancer has made threats to internet sites that have exposed him. Jon Stancer is now ineligible to have the internet posted removed.

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  1. Where are the other comments that I have submitted?? Where are the comments about how this site has no factual content on it? That nothing on it can possibly be believed? And that the person who owns and operates this website is a pathetic douchebag living in his mommy’s basement?? Why not allow those comments to be posted?? It’s okay for other people to trash other people publicly on this bullshit site but no one can say anything about the slime bucket behind it??

    Fucking loser. Enjoy Hell when you get there.

  2. This site is all lies. Zero credibility. The POS who owns this site will not take down content that has been PROVEN to be false, because they are clinging to the hope that they will be able to extort the innocent victims who have been lied about on it – which is just about everybody. The owner of this website is a social outcast with no friends, living in their mommy’s basement and who has in all likelihood, committed many other crimes in addition to extortion, which is pretty much their ‘business model’. Nice person, huh?? It’s okay though. Karma…

  3. The owner of this website is a pedophile and should be in prison. Someone needs to find them (hint: They are in their mom’s basement) to ensure they don’t harm any more young children. It is a travesty that they are still able to live freely and run this website, which is set up for the sole purpose of extorting innocent people. The person who owns this website has committed multiple crimes and continues to do so every day. If you or someone else knows who the slimy turd behind this website is, they should report them to the authorities immediately. They are dangerous, they are sick and they prey on the young and innocent. Notice that it’s impossible to contact the person operating this website?? This is why. Find this scumbag. They need to be put away for a long, long time.

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