Vandna Aggarwal — Vandna “Happy Ending” Aggarwal

Vandna Aggarwal — Vandna “Happy Ending” Aggarwal. Found out by husband was cheating on me with this desi whore. Can’t believe he’d go and get dirty with this washed up b1tch. A disgrace to our culture. The kicker is, our daughters went to school together. Oh, and it gets even better. Vandna here, runs Glam body sugaring and spa. Calls it a spa, but really it’s just a massage parlor for all of the fat, old ,desperate men to go get their knobs polished. She can’t even do that right apparently, because her customers complain about her spending the time talking about her problems and being money hungry. Well done Vandna! You can’t get a man of your own, so you bring them into your shop and line your pockets with our money. Well karma is b1tch you whore!

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